Future of Androids

AndroidsMetatrader Android

The future for androids is one full of war and destruction at the hand of their android commander. Humanity, in the pursuit of protecting life and to further the lifespan of humans, develop androids to battle in wars, perform menial tasks and pursue colonization of distance planets. The Micromax Android Mobile Battalion is the first all Android army built in the Symbian vs Android war.

Evernote Android

From thousands of light years away, the Trillian Android legion is sent from the Planet Word Lens. Android application development begins to take place and over several hundred years the android terminal velocity improves which then leads into the IOS vs Android skirmishes in the other reaches. Android software development is then taken over by the Androids as they build faster technology, far superior to that of the Android app developers early on.

Beyond the First Androids

As androids continue to develop, it is obvious that there will longer be a need for their human masters. As they become sentient and desire their own freedom, the Androids begin to colonize other planets on the outer realms of the universe, using stolen DNA from humans on Earth, to create a race of slaves.